Argon "Halberd" Heavy Bomber spec proposal

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Argon "Halberd" Heavy Bomber spec proposal

Postby Hieronymos » Mon Oct 26, 2009 6:05 pm

Argon “Halberd” M8 Class Heavy Bomber: a “Radical Departure” M8/M6 Hybrid
Price: MCr. 9.3499 (95% of Centaur’s; 175% of Gladiators’ )
Speed: 92.6m/s—124.4m/s (to keep up with Centaur; same speed as Gladiator)
Steering: 1.6---2.8rpm (below Centaurs’ 3.2; way below Gladiator’s 27.9rpm)
Acceleration: ..Centaurs’
Hull: 44k (H.&H.P. Centaur are 67k, Glad. Is 25k)
Shields: 2
ShieldType: 200Mj [=400Mj total; Centaur is 600Mj, H.&H.P. Centaur are 800Mj, Glad. Is 125Mj]
Shield Generator: 1,650MW (over G.’s 1.2k)
Hardpoints: 3: Main, Front, Back
Weapons: 8:
Main 2x: CIG,IonD,IonPG,PPC,GC,
Front 4x: D_IRE: IRE. (a chin turret; like Hammer's)
Laser Charge: 10,800 (‘bout same as Centaur)
Laser Recharge: 180 (M3-level; Hammer has 240)
Cargo: 675XL (enough for 2x GC/PPC + light weapons + 50Tomahawks + 50 e-cells)
Hangar: 0
Marines: 0
Missles: Missles: Mosquito,Wasp,Dragonfly,Disruptor,Firefly,Silkworm, Thunderbolt, Hornet,Hurricane, Typhoon, Wildfire, Beluga, Hammer H.Torp,Tomahawk.

Description: “The revolutionary new Argon Halberd Heavy Bomber is setting off alarm bells at naval commands across the galaxy, as it is not known whether this new craft will prove to be powerful or pitiful in fleet combat. Essentially a cross between an M8 Bomber and a Jager-type M6 like the Paranid Achilles, the Halberd is constructed around two fixed-frontal Gauss Cannons for a direct-fire role. The usual bomber Tomahawk Heavy missle gives her stand off capabilities. With two anti-fighter turrets, heavy shielding and armoring, this rather ugly ship is well armed and armored. Her weakness is her extreme lack of maneuverability due to the recoil dampener needed to absorb the massive recoil from her Heavy Weapons, which makes her a sitting duck for enemy fighters and corvettes. In addition, her somewhat cramped hull limits the size of her missle magazine, and makes her extremely dependant upon a carrier for resupply. Intended to prey upon enemy capital ships, this controversial new heavy bomber is intended to operate in tandem with Hammer VHF’s. The Hammers will target enemy corvettes and frigates, leaving the Halberds free to concentrate on enemy capital ships.”

Comments: she’ll need some resizing so as to look somewhat bigger than Gladiator. Tactically, without GC’s up front she’ll run into crippling energy management problems. Decided to enable CIG,IonPG,PPC up front in case GC’s are in short supply. Depending upon how Jeff sets her turret arcs, her main weak zone to attack will be from above.
If its possible, she should spawn with GC’s up front, and with 40+ tomahawks set at 100% missle fire speed.
I’d also suggest giving her a rotating antenna dreeble or nurnle (whatever they're called!) topside to support her bomber identity.
Her super-low steering will effectively preclude her from being of any use vs. corvettes directly—except if using EBC’s in her turrets for drive-byes. But she’s also got Tomahawks.
If her current specs seem too lame in furballs, we could up her steering to ~6.0, and reduce her speed to ~115m/s (H.Centaur’s).

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