The DD-TC Split Fleet Specifications

The DDTC ships in the Split fleet

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Split "T'Loth" M2 Class Destroyer

Postby Hieronymos » Sat May 09, 2009 5:24 pm

Split "T'Loth" M2 Class Destroyer: M2/M1 Hybrid
Price: MCr. 115.75 [125% of Python's: above avg]
Speed: 86.95m/s [her 3R speed; much faster than Python's 69.3m/s]
Acceleration: 3.2m/s2 [her 3R accel.]
Steering: 2.3rpm [her 3R steering; VERY handy for an M2]
Shields: 8
Shield Type: 1Gj [=8Gj total: 33% over Python's 6Gj]
Shield Generator: 16,416 [3R spec; above avg]
Hull: 360k [below avg.]
Hardpoints: 6: Front/L/R; Back/U/D.
Weapons: 36:
Laser Charge: 368,076 [3R spec; 10% over Python's]
Laser Recharge: 4,969 [Python's]
Cargo: 11,500 XL [sl. above avg]
Hangar: 14
Marines: 20--but not for boarding ops
Missles: same as Python

Ship Description: “An alien design adapted by the Rhonkar Testing Institute to utilize current Split military components, the new T'Loth M2 Class Destroyer is a highly unusual twin-hulled catamaran, with exceptional speed and unparallelled turning abilities--due to her reduced length to width ratio. Carrying more heavy firepower in her front and lateral turrets than the older Python design, the T'Loth has potentially superior combat ability in one-on-one frontal approach duels with enemy capital ships. But her lack of heavy weaponry in her dorsal, ventral and back turrets makes her extremely vulnerable to capital ship attack from those quarters. Unlike most M2's, T'Loth has a small internal fighter hangar, with space for fourteen heavy fighters. And like other newly commissioned Split designs, T'Loth is specially fitted to mount many varieties of advanced foreign and alien weaponry. Quite expensive compared to Python, T'Loth's superior speed, shielding and handling; combined with her advanced weapon options, and accompanying heavy fighter wing have won her the Split Naval Academy's coveted "Most Valuable Ship of the Jazura" award.”

COMMENTS: T'Loth with most of her 3R specs; slightly tweaked for DDTC. Some revisions and or reductions in her access to super weapons will probably be needed--along with many other Split DDTC designs.

Done: Complete as per above specs.
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DS3 Development Team
DS3 Development  Team
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Split "Watermoccasin" TS Class Armored Supply Ship

Postby Hieronymos » Sat May 16, 2009 11:22 pm

Split "Watermoccasin" TS Class Armored Drone Support Ship: here's Watermoccassin as a Radical Departure fighting TS: ... _ftQtr.jpg
Price: MCr. 1.448 [..bumped her price up by 400k to reflect her new DAD status]
Speed: 142.83m/s [basic Caiman has 124m/s..but price of only Cr. 392k]
Steering: 3.15 [sluggish helm compared to Iguana..]
Shields: 3
Shield Type: 25Mj [=75Mj total: above average]
Shield Generator: 800 [hefty..]
Hull: 32k [double Iguana's and most Caimans']
Hardpoints(turrets): 4: Front/L/R/Back
Weapons: 6:
Front/Back 2x: Split M3 Turret: IRE,PAC,MD,PBE;
L/R 1x: Split M3 Turret: IRE,PAC,MD,PBE.
Laser Charge: 2,300 [..about that of an M4]
Laser Recharge: 55 [..about that of M4]
Cargo: 3,215 XL [below avg. for a low-tier TS]
Hangar: 0
Marines: 10
Missles: same as Boa TM

Ship Description: "The new Split Watermoccasin Armored Drone Support Ship was originally designed as a battlefield ammunition resupply carrier, with a durable armored hull to keep out Argon mass driver fire. In peacetime she made a scrappy, multipurpose frontier transport that could handle herself in a fight. Faster than any of the Caiman freighter variants, her speed enabled her to break contact with many potential pursuers. An extremely well-armed ship, she has four light turrets for missle and light fighter defence, powered by a weapons generator uncharacteristically large for a TS class vessel. She can carry a fairly wide array of Split anti-fighter and anti-ship missles, giving her excellent long range punch. An excellent ship for the price, the Watermoccassin class had become a common sight in Split Border Systems in recent jazuras. But with the recent advent of new drone technology, the Split Confederated Navy has recalled and retrofitted the entire Watermoccasin class to serve as dedicated manufacturing and operations platforms for their new Blitz, Mine Layer, and Turret drones. Water Moccasins now provide rapid response offensive support for frontline boarding operations, or for defensive minelaying and lasertower deployment operations. Now far too valuable for commercial activities, Watermoccasins are rarely seen outside of naval formations."

COMMENT: Watermocassin, reconfigured as a TS. She'll need to be classed TP, but named TS--if that's right--in TShips, to be able to carry marines as a TS.

Done: Complete as per above specs.
EDIT: 5/26/09 This TS version (with TP marine capability) should be the only version offerred by Split.

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