Re-Spec Proposal for Split Rhino TL (RY model)

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Re-Spec Proposal for Split Rhino TL (RY model)

Postby Hieronymos » Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:45 pm

Split “Rhino” TL Class Heavy Transporter: improved vanilla TL
Price: MCr. 16.54425 (95% of Elephant’s )
Speed: 112.2m/s—146.4m/s (faster than Elephant’s 131.9m/s)
Steering: 0.6---1.1rpm (double Elephants’ 0.5)
Acceleration: ..Elephants’
Hull: 160k (Elephants’ is 120k)
Shields: 7
ShieldType: 200Mj [=1,400Mj total; over Elephants’ 1Gj]
Shield Generator: 4,050MW (under E’s 4.3k)
Hardpoints: 6: Front; L/R/Back; U/D.
Weapons: 12:
Laser Charge: 18,800 (below E’s 27k)
Laser Recharge: 306 (just above E’s 273)
Cargo: 32,000XL (under E’s 34k)
Hangar: 6 (below E’s 14)
Marines: 20
Missles: Missles: Mosquito,Wasp,Dragonfly,Disruptor,Firefly,Silkworm, Thunderbolt, Hornet,Hurricane, Typhoon, Wildfire, Beluga, Hammer H.Torp,Tomahawk; Poltergeist,Spectre,Wraith; Boarding Pods.

Description: “Currently the fastest TL class ship in the galaxy, the new Split “Rhino” Heavy Transporter is the technologically superior replacement to the battle-proven Elephant TL. Slightly smaller than Elephant, the Rhino uses advanced cargo compression technology to carry nearly as much cargo as Elephant, at a comparable cost. Rhino also has 40% more shielding, as well superior organo-ceramic armoring. Capable of mounting a mix of Gauss Cannons, Flak Cannons, and short range anti-fighter weapons like Mass Drivers, Rhino is capable of neutralizing multiple threat types. Rhino also has access to experimental weapons types, as well as many Terran weapons and missles. Having access to ammo-based weaponry like GC’s and MD’s means that Rhino class vessels will not be hamstrung by shortages of weapons energy—perhaps the greatest combat weakness of older TL class vessels. Unlike any other TL class vessel, Rhino has a boarding pod launcher, giving her the capability to directly participate in boarding operations. A versatile ship for modern Split fleet commanders, the Rhino classes’ only real weakness is her small fighter bay, which is less than half the size of Elephants’.”

Comments: Improved Vanilla. Presumes increasing L/R turrets from 1x to 2x (large size turrets..for carrying Big Guns). Also presumes increasing her size by perhaps that she looks at least 66% of the tonnage of Elephant. A pretty slick TL now..

With these specs she'll need to rely on GC's for big guns..or else run dry in intensive combat situations.

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