Spec Proposal: Split "Gorgon" M3+ Gunship

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Spec Proposal: Split "Gorgon" M3+ Gunship

Postby Hieronymos » Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:16 pm

Split “Gorgon” M3+ Class Gunship: M3+/M6 Hybrid Flakship
http://www.flatrock.org.nz/wolf/images/ ... -M3P_1.jpg
Price: MCr. 5.914 (95% of Chimera’s MCr.6.226 )
Speed: 92.2m/s—159.4m/s (slower than Chimera’s 182m/s, and Adv.Chim’s 163m/s)
Steering: 4.5—6.9rpm (sl. sluggish, but adequate for dogfighting heavier fighters)
Acceleration: 10.6---21.1m/s2 (below avg.)
Hull: 22k (double avg.)
Shields: 1
ShieldType: 200Mj [=200Mj total; above avg.; 200% Adv.Chim’s]
Shield Generator: 1,200 MW (Adv.Chim’s)
Hardpoints: 4: Main; Front,Up,Back
Weapons: 9
Main 4x: MD,EBC,PBE,PBG,EMPC,A-Kyon*,B-kyon*.
Laser Charge: 8,750 (Chim/Adv.Chim’s)
Laser Recharge: 219 (Chim/Adv.Chim’s)
Cargo: 360 L (20% over Chim’s)
Hangar: 0
Marines: 0
Missles: Missles: Mosquito,Wasp,Dragonfly,Disruptor,Firefly,Silkworm, Thunderbolt, Hornet,Hurricane, Hammer Heavy Torpedo; Poltergeist,Spectre,Wraith.

Description: “Alarmed by the growing strength of Argon Fighter Command, and of Argon anti-fighter Flak Ships like the new Charon M7, the Split have finally countered with a smaller M3+ sized anti-fighter Gunship of their own. Designed by the legendary engineers at the Rhonkar Testing Institute, the Gorgon M3+ Gunship is nothing more than a giant flyswatter, purpose-built to wade into formations of incoming enemy fighters and missiles—and annihilate them. Slower than any other Split M3 or M3+ because of her heavy armoring and powerful shield emitters, the Gorgon can barely keep up with the Dragon Corvette. Usually armed with four Plasma Burst Generators in her fixed-frontal battery, Gorgon is a “fire-breather”, thus her name. But her main offensive strength is in her three turrets, which when loaded with PBE’s will quickly shred enemy shields. Heavily armored and strongly shielded, Gorgon can absorb enormous amounts of damage while she consumes her prey. Her only weaknesses are her sluggish helm, and managing her energy-hungry weaponry. Like most current generation Split vessels, she is capable of mounting exotic foreign weaponry; if she can find it.”

Comments: This proposal involves adding an additional 2x turret topside. Not an ideal playership, it might be interesting to have a custom start begin with player in a Gorgon pursued by a pack of 15 M5’s.
As an ai opponent, she should be armed with PBG’s up front, PBE’s Up/Back, PBG Front, and lots of Wasp missles. Her PBE’s shred shields; then her PBG’s or a Wasp finishes the kill.

I experimented with an alternate version: 400Mj shielding (doubled)—but steering reduced to 4.8 (just over Nemesis’s 4.5). This approach will ensure that her main guns will rarely be able to line up on a target—conserving energy for her turrets. Problem is that Dragon M6 has 400Mj, and it seemed a bit uncomely to have a Split M3+ with same.

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