Longbone Spec Revision Proposal

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Longbone Spec Revision Proposal

Postby Hieronymos » Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:22 pm

Took a good long look at Longbone and her specs last night, and have concluded they need tarting up. Currently, she's below even Terran Vanilla standard in every parameter except her shields, shield generator, & steering. So here's a proposal for her about halfway between Springblossom (vanilla) and Katana.

Terran "Longbone" M6 Class Strike Corvette:
Price: MCr. 9.086 [140% of Katana's; still below galactic avg.]
Speed: 115.6--->193.3m/s [faster than Katana's 136m/s, much slower than Springy's (modded) 276m/s]
Steering: 3.1--->6.6rpm [above avg.; but reduced to make her a little more sluggish. Her increased speed should more than compensate]
Shields: 4
Shield Type: 200Mj [=800 Mj total: reduction from her current 1,200Mj; same as vanilla H.Centaur,Washi Hlr.,Osprey]
Shield Generator: 3,434 [her current size; just over Katana's 3,250MW]
Hull: 74,000 [just over H.Hydra's--top end vanilla M6 range; other Terran M6's in 50-65k range]
Hardpoints: 4: Main; R/L; Back.
Weapons: 16:
Main 10x [up from current 8x]: Repair,Mining,HEPT,CIG,PRG,IonD,IonPG,EBC,PBG,ISR,EMPC,SSC,MAML,PALC*.
*please note 2 new TCockpit turret designations*
Laser Charge: 11,025 [current strength; 45% below Katana's--means she'll need at least some ammo-based lasers]
Laser Recharge: 430MW [current strength; below 580 range of most ATF/Terr. M6's]
Cargo: 1,400 XL [over 1,000XL of Katana; 850/950 of ATF M6's]
Hangar: 1 External
Marines: 5
Missles: Wraith, Poltergeist, Spectre + Dragonfly, Rapier, Wasp, Silkworm, Wildfire, Tempest, Thunderbolt, Beluga, Hammerhead, Typhoon, and Boarding Pods.

Ship Description: “The newest addition to the Terran battle fleet is the Longbone Strike Corvette, which utilizes the latest cutting edge Terran armor and component technology. Combined with access to Commonwealth weapon systems, Longbone's superior armor and engineering makes her the most dangerous Terran corvette ever made. With a larger than usual main battery, and three dual turrets, Longbone can mount not only standard Terran weaponry, but also energy and ammo-based Commonwealth weaponry, as well as many of their missle varieties, including boarding pods. Faster than all other Terran M6's except Springblossom, and all Commonwealth M6's, Longbone's extraordinary speed is meant to compensate for her shielding, which is light for a Terran/ATF model. Her hull armoring is exceptional, using the new Zorbozade organo-ceramic tech recently pioneered by certain Commonwealth races from reverse-engineered Kha'ak technology. Her main weakness is her small weapons generator, which is roughly half the size of most Terran M6's. This forces her to rely more heavily on ammunition-based weaponry. Currently operated exclusively by Terran and ATF Naval Intelligence units--the only service branches with ready access to Commonwealth weaponry--the Longbone is used for Terran forays into enemy territory."

Comments: Proposal presumes adding 2 more weapon slots to her main battery. Speed greater than a Dragon, Longbone can now outrun all other M6's, and almost all M3+'s. Energy management will be crucial to using this ship as playership. Lack of h.shielding--like Naginata,Eagle..means she has to do hit-and-run: can't endure furballs for long..

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Re: Longbone Spec Revision Proposal

Postby Idea » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:00 pm

Looking good :D

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Re: Longbone Spec Revision Proposal

Postby Deadly » Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:29 am

Removed external docking as per Skype chat.
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